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Welcome to The Ranch! This site will change periodically, so please visit often. Our mission is to join with our community to make The Ranch a place of the highest quality. We do this by providing well trained and experienced staff to to ensure that your visit to The Ranch is an enjoyable, safe and unforgettable visit.

The Ranch is a private non-profit association formed in 1992. Funding for The Ranch's programs is derived primarily from donations and volunteers.

Visitors to The Ranch have a chance to view, see, and enjoy arts, entertainment, fun, and recreations, in a beautifully landscaped park-like setting just 5 minutes from downtown Concord, California. If you have questions or comments about The Ranch or our Website, we would love to hear from you. Just E-Mail us by clicking here! (Unfortunately, while we read all the mail that we receive, we can't guarantee a response to every message.) Thanks!

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