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Thank you for your interest in linking your site to ours. We would be honered to have you link your site to ours, and therefore have provided you with a simple and easy way to do so. In order to make the following banner appear on your site and automatically link to our site, you must do the fo listed below.

First copy the html code that is directly underneath the banner. Second, you must paste that code into your website's database. Third, and last, you must change all of the "(" signs to "<" signs, and all of the ")" signs to ">" signs in order for the banner to appear and work properly. Please Note: Please do not tamper with the banner's html code in any other way, as it may not function properly if done so.

Thank you for taking the time to link to us.

Copy the following html code and paste into your site's database.

(a href="")(img src="chestnutranchlogo.gif" alt="Chestnut Ranch Home Page" width="515" height="60" border="1")(/a)

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