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Chestnut Ranch is conveniently located approximately 10 minutes from downtown Concord, California; in the San Francisco Bay Area. Concord is a very safe city, as it was rated second best among the safest cities in the United States to raise children. Concord has an excellent police department that keeps crime to a minimumal low throughout the city. Concord is known for their wide variety of fine shopping centers, and the best schools in the area. To visit the City Of Concord's web site, please click here.


Concord offers a wide variety of transportation services. The County Connection is a bus service that services all of Contra Costa County, the City of Concord, and even the streets bordering The Ranch. Another fine source of transportation to get you to The Ranch is the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) trains. BART services the entire San Francisco Bay Area and has a station in downtown Concord, as well as North Concord. Both Stations are within two miles of Chestnut Ranch. Amtrak of California also services the Concord area, as its nearest station is in Martinez, which is only about 8 miles from The Ranch. The County Connection connects the BART stations to Chestnut Ranch, as well as the Amtrak Station in Martinez to Chestnut Ranch for your convenience..


Concord is also known for its fine outdoor weather. Winters in Concord average a cool 60 to 70 degrees, and summers average a mild 85 to 95 degrees. Concord usually receives heavy precipatation in the months of December and January, and mild precipatation in all other months excluding May through September. In the heart of winter, the sky is mostly a dark gray, and throughout the summer months the sky usually is foggy in the very early morning hours clearing up by 8:00 AM. For a current look at Concord's weather and temperatures, as well as the five day forecast in our location, please click here.

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